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Web Design

Philosophy does more than you might think. I combine classical philosophy with the best in web design theory to create unique web experiences that users love. I offer a full range of custom web design services. From rapid deployment templates to brand-aligned unique designs, your website is sure to stand above the rest.
Mock up of client website


The hardest part of web design is knowing when enough is enough. There are lots of flashy tricks that could be deployed on a site, but are they appropriate? The best sites have clean code, a clean layout, and plenty of white space.


It can be easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Good design falls away and the user naturally focuses on the content. Good design also delights in its simplicity. I keep content front and center and let the design play a supporting role.


Websites need to be ready to be loaded by a wide range of internet connection speeds. This presents a true challenge, especially in an environment that demands image rich sites. I work hard to keep the load times to a minimum.


Gone are the days when designing was for a limited set of screen sizes. Today, there are an infinite number of configurations. My sites respond to the device size and consistently display the content. It's what users expect.

Elegant Design

Good design is all about balance and problem solving. How can we take your organization’s site and display it in a way that’s both visually appealing and easily navigated? Each website that I design is individually crafted based on your tastes, specifications, and vision. My approach emphasizes user experience, ensuring that your customers have a world class experience. I work at the crossroads of simplicity and utility.

For Humans

There’s a very real temptation to design websites for search engines. The problem is, humans and search engines value different things. My goal is for your customers to have an effortless experience as they learn about your organization, convert, and buy. I achieve this by optimizing speed, ensuring that content displays consistently, all while staying focused on your objectives. This approach is the best way to drive traffic and increase search rankings.

Amazing Support

Making changes and updates to your website shouldn’t be a hassle. I provide all of my own support to my clients. That means no matter what you need, just email me and I’ll take care of it, fast. It’s easy, simple, and straightforward. No phone trees, no middle men, no run-around. I provide support the way it ought to be.

Fair Pricing

No one likes surprise charges and gotcha fees. Before we start, I will develop a detailed proposal outlining our work together and the estimated cost. My pricing is flat rate and based on the effort that will be required to get your site live. This customized pricing means that you’ll pay only for the services that you need.