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Technical Writing

Words are incredible powerful. They preserve history, shape cultures, and build empires. Choosing the right company is pivotal if you wish to communicate complex ideas clearly to customers and in any technical application.


In nearly a decade of professional writing, I've published three books and over 850 blog posts. That body of work contains hundreds of thousands of words, all drafted, edited, and published.


With clear expectations set, I can deliver content and copy on a set timetable. Hours can be flexed up or down to meet your specific needs.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. A liberal arts program of study at any university is writing intensive. Reading the great thinkers throughout history and then developing arguments around their thoughts resulted in my ability to think critically and write expressively.


Your project is my priority. The writing process is a conversation, ensuring that text has the right professional language and tone to match your company. By working closely together to understand your needs and your company's voice, we can ensure the best work product.