In the Service of Human Life

When your life is on the line, will your dignity be respected? The scientific advances in the field of medicine are moving at a rapid clip. Each new discovery opens up new pathways to ease the suffering caused by the frailty of our human bodies, but it also presents a real threat. Science is amoral. Morality and ethics must be applied to scientific pursuits in order to keep its power working for the good. The emerging importance of bioethics is helping researchers, practitioners, and caregivers make the ethical choice in research and treatment. Think deeply about the right way to use medicine to heal.

Exploring the beauty of the human person, in bite-sized pieces


  • Medical facts as a starting point
  • Logical method of inquiry


  • Research from medical journals
  • Review of Church documents


  • All articles peer-reviewed
  • Robust editing process before publication

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Explore the bioethical questions that face patients and medical clinicians. Topics include all disciplines and specialities of medicine, and some of the most common ethical difficulties patients and their care teams face.